Mountain Training England – Quality Assurance Review

MTE QA Review part 2The Mountain Training England award schemes and qualfications courses are delivered by a diverse team of providers across the country. Maintaining the standard and high quality of these awards has always been a priority for this training board. As part of a larger whoesale review of the Walking Awards, I was involved in reviewing how MTE maintain and assure this quality in scheme delivery. The project fell in to two distinct parts:

  1. The first was a review of all the internal policies and procedures. Having grown organically over a number of decades, there were inconsistencies and cultural varioations in te way the documents were written. This was all reviewed against the idea of a “quality assurance pathway” from provider selection and induction, through to moderation of course delivery.
  2. The second part of the review was to critically benchmark the MTE Quality Assurance procedures against other National Governing bodies. In this particular case, we chose British Cycling the British Canoe Uion as two excellent, yet contrasting examples. British Cycling has a newly developed Mountain Bike Leadership Award Scheme, and a culturally well established coach education scheme. The British Canoe Uion has engaged with the UKCC template, and follows NVQ templates and policies in this newly developed scheme.

The two reports were well received by the team, and form the basis for the ongoing review by a Mountain Training England working group:

On behalf of MTE, I would like to thank you for the thoroughness and clarity of this and the previous report. They will be great foundations upon which the Quality Assurance Working Group can build.” Rab Carrington, Chair of MTE

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