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"World of Outdoors" - Opening Keynote for the Western Australia State Trails and Outdoors Conference 2015

This dynamic industry conference takes place every year, and the team from Outdoors WA always try to attract the most relevant and current industry experts to provide the keynote and open the conference. As co-author of the successful OIA/Sport England “Getting Active Outdoors” project, I was invited as a guest...Read More »

Joint Services Activity Management Review

Joint Services Activity Management Review

The Joint services have been developing their Adventurous Training award schemes over the past few years, bringing them more closely in to line with their civilian equivalents. Every year, they employ a team of British Mountain Guides to work on...Read More »

Getting Active Outdoors: A major project, report and workshops for Sport England and the OIA

This exciting project was commissioned by Sport England, in partnership with the Outdoor Industries Association, to examine the demand and supply of outdoor provision and take an in-depth look at the profile of the outdoor consumer.

I joined Kelly Gordon of KG Sport, working for Andrew Denton of the OIA, to...Read More »


National Conference for Leaders of Outdoor Education in schools

It was a pleasure, once again, to both attend and contribute to the National Conference for Leaders of Outdoor Education in schools. This annual event brought politicians and industry experts together with the teachers who have the greatest impact on the...Read More »

Independent Coach Education - National Conference for Leaders of Outdoor Adventure Education

Independent Coach Education deliver the Annual Southern Conferences for the Leaders of Outdoor Education in schools. This conference addresses the most fundamental questions underlying the considerable resources which schools devote to their adventure programmes – what are the benefits, and how can that be measured? As always, there was a wide range of speakers and sessions to...Read More »

British Mountaineering Council - Coaching Symposium


The annual British Mountaineering Council Coaching Symposium has become one of the most important weekends in the climbing coaching calendar.

This year, the symposium was held at Plas y brenin, the National Mountain Sports Centre and The Beacon Climbing Centre. I delivered on numerous sessions throughout the weekend, including:

British Mountaineering Council - Talent Profiling Project

The British Mountaineering Council is the National Governing Body for all aspects of mountaineering and climbing. Funded by Sport England, the development of a talent pathway for climbing is a new concept, in the rapidly developing world of competition climbing.

I was employed as the strategic lead for Technical:Tactical profiling as...Read More »

Fall Line 103 - Ski Safaris

Fall Line 103 cover_web

Hailed as ‘touring without tears’ the ski safari opens up the world of backcountry. Here are a few of Europe’s finest, chosen by four of the best British Mountain Guides.

The Ski Safari is a great way for off piste skiers to enjoy the journeying aspect of touring, without being...Read More »

Fall Line 103 - 60 second guide to backcountry

If you haven’t already discovered the pow-haven/adrenaline-pumping/awe-inspiring thrills that ducking under the ropes brings, here’s our concise(ish) guide to all things backcountry.

In this article, Mary Creighton adds to the thoughts of myself and Eric Kendall (of Ski Zinal fame) to produce a whistle stop guide to going off piste....Read More »

Fall Line 100 - Ultimate Expeditions

They can take years to plan, and be over in a matter of hours, but the rush can last a lifetime. Here are five of the best ski adventures, chosen by five of the best British Mountain Guides.

This article was a joy to compile – by calling on the...Read More »

Fall Line 98 - Under the ropes: get the kit!

Planning on heading in to the Backcountry this winter? Whether it’s a short boot over a col or a full blown multi day tour, Martin Chester has the lowdown on the essentials you don’t want to leave without.

From blizzard bags to swanky new ice tools, this is a review...Read More »

Fall Line 86 - Early Season Treasures

Unstable snow packs, boulders disguised under light dustings of powder, crevasses masked by early drifts – there are plenty of good reasons for not donning a pair of skins until Spring.But choose carefully and there are amazing fresh tracks out there. Here, five British Mountain Guides suggest their favourite...Read More »

The New Coaching Award Scheme in Climbing

Director of Development at Plas y Brenin, Martin Chester, has been instrumental in the development and launch of the all-new Coaching Award Scheme. Working with  a team of nationally recognised experts for Mountain Training alongside the British Mountaineering Council, Martin spent three months completing an award scheme that is already...Read More »

Parliamentary summit on Snowdon


Obesity is the new smoking, and inactivity now results in more premature deaths in the UK. This has been the topic of debate behind the Britain on Foot campaign, which aims to get the population of the UK up and active. We are not talikng fanatical sport here, just...Read More »