Film & Media Work

off piste essentialsI have been involved in all sorts of film and media work over the years, on all sides of the camera! From writing and filming to presenting and production of the Off Piste Essentials DVD for Plas y Brenin and the BMC; Numerous appearances as an industry expert on BBC Country Tracks; Numerous BBC Radio and TV interviews from navigation on Radio 4’s Open Country to avalanche expertise live on the BBC News. We recently wrote and produced the Rock Climbing Essentials DVD, and I featured as a “world class climbing coach” on Hidden Talent for Channel 4.

Whether it is for the ability to speak eloquently, and simply 705298_475339072541517_800711039_oexplain a complex subject; or whether it is for dependable and responsible opinion under pressure, TV and Radio producers have been repeatedly coming back for more. In addition, the combination of filming experience in the hands of an industry expert and mountain Guide, make it easy to fix any problems as we go, and film in some exciting locations. Here are some of the highlights in more detail:

Working as a Mountain Guide - The Outdoors Show at ExCel London

In my role as the Publicity Officer for the British Mountain Guides, I was invited to give a talk on the Careers stage at the Outdoors Show at ExCel in London. This video of the presentation will tell you all you need to know about the history of Guiding, what...Read More »

Climbing expert and coach for Hidden Talent on Channel 4

Hidden Talent was an exciting TV project for Silver River Productions. The premise is that many ordinary people may harbour a talent that they are (as yet) unaware of. Our job was to select a potentially talented climber from nearly one thousand members of the public, and to complete a...Read More »

Parliamentary summit on Snowdon


Obesity is the new smoking, and inactivity now results in more premature deaths in the UK. This has been the topic of debate behind the Britain on Foot campaign, which aims to get the population of the UK up and active. We are not talikng fanatical sport here, just...Read More »

Sweet TV - Mountain Biking off Snowdon


Following on from our success with Country tracks and Hidden Talent, Sweet TV came to us to help them film a documentary about a cross-snowdonia challenge. Part of the filming was to mountain bike from the summit of Snowdon, so we supplied them with the equipment and industry expertise...Read More »