Independent Coach Education – National Conference for Leaders of Outdoor Adventure Education

independent coach education-logoIndependent Coach Education deliver the Annual Southern Conferences for the Leaders of Outdoor Education in schools. This conference addresses the most fundamental questions underlying the considerable resources which schools devote to their adventure programmes – what are the benefits, and how can that be measured? As always, there was a wide range of speakers and sessions to allow delegates to pursue personal interests, or to widen their experience.

Once again, I delivered one of the key sessions of the event eMartin Chester - public speakingntitled “Measuring the Impact of Outdoor Programmes in School; A justification of effort, expense and resources”

The popular afternoon programme allows delegates to get into the outdoors, and consider practical situations. As portrayed on the ICE Website: This is the country’s leading opportunity to gain exposure to the industry’s leading thinkers, and to stay abreast of recent developments and contemporary practice.

With an engaging team of top speakers every time, we are looking forward to next year already!

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