Climbing expert and coach for Hidden Talent on Channel 4

Hidden Talent was an exciting TV project for Silver River Productions. The premise is that many ordinary people may harbour a talent that they are (as yet) unaware of. Our job was to select a potentially talented climber from nearly one thousand members of the public, and to complete a fantastic climbing objective together. Working with a sports psychologist and sports physiologist from Bangor University, I was selected as the climbing expertise to design a series of selection tests, and deliver the subsequent coaching.

After three test days with nearly one thousand participants, we whittled down a team of ten potential climbers. A further three day test event at Plas y brenin, and we had selected Maggie Reenan as having the greatest potential. And we were not wrong!
Maggie astounded me with her natural ability and aptitude, and the rate at which she picked things up on the crags. After just eighteen days of coaching, punctutated by her own climbing and development, we climbed the Old Man of Stoer on the coast of the North West Highlands. This was a spectacular achievement, a coveted route for many climbers, and we clmbed as equals – sharing the leading over five pitches.

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