About me

About Martin Chester:

Variety is the spice of life . . .

Martin Chester at Rhoscolyn. . . . and I am so very lucky to enjoy such a varied and exciting career. As a result, I have a pretty unusual set of complementary skills and experiences. Take the “Hidden Talent” project for Channel 4 as just one example that neatly sums up my favourite passions: The delivery of a really exciting new project; being a part of a really dynamic team; the cerebral challenge of designing a selection process to recognise talent in complete novices; the opportunity to coach someone in achieving an incredible dream; sharing some great adventures in breathtaking places; all combined with the creative problem solving involved in putting the whole thing on the TV screen.

I have a serial new sport addiction – and sporting habits have been a particularly important and consistent feature of my life. Moving from one sport to the next adventure, I am happiest at the bottom of a steep learning curve.

I believe my own love of learning new skills gives me the required empathy to bring out the best in others. Especially when combined with my fascination for how people learn, and what makes people tick. From helping the kids to develop their foundation skills and physical literacy; through to helping adults achieve their life long dreams and fulfil their potential; we are all capable of so much more than we realise – especially with some effective coaching.

With Helen Mark for "Open Country" BBC Radio 4

With Helen Mark for “Open Country” BBC Radio 4

Sport is good for us in so many ways, and adventure sports really are The Great Escape we all need from increasingly sedentary and risk averse lives. I believe our future health relies on developing sporting habits for life – and creating those opportunities for everyone.

None of us can truly fulfil our potential alone. So whether you have an un-finished dream; or whether you have a project that needs a little injection of drive, enthusiasm and expertise – don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I might be able to help. I look forward to sharing an adventure together in the future . . . .